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Pilots and other volunteers involved in public benefit flying occasionally have concerns about whether the missions they fly are permissible under FAA or other governmental regulations.  As a member group of the Air Care Alliance, EVAC has worked with the many other groups which fly to help others to study such questions and determine the correct answers. In the case of whether pilots could take a tax deduction, the Air Care Alliance worked with FAA to clarify that such deductions generally do not violate regulations, and also published information about likely IRS treatment.

The following link takes you to the Regulations Page of the Air Care Alliance site, where you can learn about such issues.  The Page also provides information on the call sign "COMPASSION" which can be used to identify EVAC aircraft when flying as part of official EVAC missions or exercises.

To: Air Care Alliance Regulations Page


Information on regulations is provided by the Air Care Alliance - if you copy the information please do so in its entirety including the copyright notices on those pages. 

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